Dear Village…

How we show up to care is an intentional decision. 

What we have witnessed and experienced these last few years has made us shift our attention towards a future where we lead with compassion, consider the wellbeing of our community, and ensure the safety and dignity of Black and Brown lives.

When Mamatoto Village reflects on the future we are creating, we envision a culture of safe, just, and dignified care for women, birthing people, and their families. Yet such community transformation needs a starting place that can bring birthing people, caregivers, and families together as a village.

Where can Black women and families gather to receive compassionate, inclusive, and radical collective care? 

Black women and families can come to our new home in Ward 7. This is the only maternal health services center that is rooted in and run by the stewards of the community. This space changes the narrative that inadequate, inaccessible, and inefficient maternal healthcare for Black birthing people is the norm. It serves as the backdrop in which Black women are empowered and provided with the resources and community they need to thrive as mothers, caregivers, and professionals.

Our work is most impactful when care is the responsibility of everyone. 

We know committed collective action is the first step to writing new storylines towards community transformation and sustaining our movement, we welcome you to join us in solidarity and turning this vision into reality.

Aza Nedhari, Mamatoto Village Co-Founder & Executive Director

Rena Greifinger, Mamatoto Village Board Member & Capital Campaign Chair

Our Impact

Annually we serve over 300 mamas, babies, and families. Since 2013, Mamatoto Village has supported our community in the following ways:


Birthing people served


Perinatal Health Workers trained


Babies successfully breastfed


Maternal survival rate

Mamatoto Village Community Pillars

Our work exists in the backdrop of statistics that paint a grim picture for Black women and birthing people. We acknowledge the sustained high-intensity trauma and historical disinvestment in Black thriving. Therefore, we seek to re-author stories, set in motion multigenerational legacies and serve as a convener to support efforts of community transformation through social change. Mamatoto Village is birthing the conditions that will foster opportunities for:

  • From humble beginnings to a bright future, our space operates at the intersection of equitable care and community support.
  • We envision a world of healthy mamas, families, and communities who are supported in cultivating their own legacies.
Generational Impact
  • We are a mirror that reflects our collective beauty, power and strength. We hold space to nurture the creativity and possibility of future generations to inherit a more justice world.
  • This space will continue to strengthen our sense of family and community while deepening our bonds of trust.
  • Serving as community stewards and advocates, we continue to grow with and for our communities.
  • This space reflects our investment in a multi-generational approach to radical family and community care that creates pathways for healing and abundance.

Learn About Our New Home

Located .5 miles from the Minnesota Ave Metro, our new facility is centrally located in Ward 7. 4315 Sheriff Road NE is spacious at approximately 5400 sq. ft, and will include:

  • Full spectrum midwifery clinic, including two examination rooms and an open office for clinical perinatal providers;
  • Private client meeting rooms;
  • Office space for Mamatoto staff
  • Multi-purpose conference room to host workforce training, large team meetings, and in-person support group sessions.
Amount Total
Office and Clinical Space Design/Build
Architecture/Design $89,342
Construction $1,199,356
HVAC Replacement $25,000
Furniture $126,266
Technology $50,000
Opening Costs
Security $90,000
Office move/set up $10,000
Clinic Costs
Clinic Supplies $60,000
Clinical Staffing (Year 1) $500,000
Grand Total $2,001,703


“I had both of my babies with Mamatoto VIllage. Being involved with Mamatoto really helped, especially the first time. The birth support, for me, was the most important part. The education on childbirth was especially helpful. I also got a lot of help with social services. Seeing a group of Black women who looked like me, giving back to the community….it’s inspiring. The advice, the day and overnight support definitely helped.”
There was a lot of interaction having one of my children with Mamatoto. I shared more and had more social support. The program was structured and it helped me to meet my goals with my delivery. This is the first program I’ve [fully] completed. I was in another program before, but didn’t complete it. I felt less comfortable. It’s important to have this program, offering Black women the kind of support that is usually offered for white women.”
– A.G

The moment is now, and the movement is forever.


We know committed collective action is the first step to writing new storylines towards community transformation and sustaining our movement.

You are a part of our community.

This is your chance to make a meaningful and lasting GENERATIONAL IMPACT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We have taken precautions to ensure that your virtual or physical donation is secure. 

Of course! We are grateful for your gift in any manner that you choose to make it. Please make checks payable to Mamatoto Village and write “Movement of Collective Care” on the memo line so we are sure to designate it correctly.  Mail checks to 4315 Sheriff Road NE, Washington, DC 20019.

Yes! Please contact Jordan McRae at to discuss ways to make gifts to Mamatoto Village beyond checks or online. 

Every dollar counts, and we are thankful you chose to donate to our organization!

You can spread the word about Mamatoto and our Capital Campaign! The more people we can reach, the quicker we can reach our goal of opening up our building to support our Village. Additionally, donations of services and supplies are always welcome; please contact Leah Franklin at to learn more.

Thank you for your commitment to supporting us. You can participate in a peer fundraising group within your community. Please feel free to look through our Peer Fundraising tools attached here, or contact Leah Franklin at

We are thrilled that you are interested in peer fundraising! You do not need prior experience, and we can help you with any step of peer fundraising. Attached are some peer fundraising tools; feel free to contact Leah Franklin at with any question or concerns.

Yes! We always appreciate things such as diapers, bottles, and clothes. If you would like to donate other items, please feel free to email Leah Franklin at for next steps.

Yes, please contact Leah Franklin at to see how your services can best be utilized within Mamatoto.

We do have volunteering events throughout the year. To learn more about upcoming opportunities, contact Kennedy our Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator at

We welcome everyone to visit us in our new home! Since moving into our building, we have given tours to interested individuals and organizations. Please reach out to Ki’a at to schedule a tour.